Discovered in 1840 and incorporated in 1946, Gig Harbor is one of the most picturesque small cities in America. The city was named from the Wilkes Expedition in which the crew entered the harbor in a longboat called a "captain's gig". These three fisherman rowed from British Columbia to Gig Harbor and decided to stay.

Gig Harbor is one of several cities and towns that claim to be "the gateway to the Olympic Peninsula". It is located on Gig Harbor Bay in Puget Sound across the Narrows Bridge from Tacoma. Due to its close access to several state and city parks, and historic waterfront that includes boutiques and fine dining, it has become a popular tourist destination.


Our Mission and vision statement

The City of Gig Harbor seeks sustainable growth that protects our natural and historic resources, while preserving our values, quality of life, and culture.  

  • We are a community committed to managing a balance between the collective vision of our residents and commercial needs.

  • We will foster diversity and active participation from each neighborhood in preserving our community’s natural assets, quality of life, and cultural heritage. 

  • We will manage the city’s resources with fiscal responsibility. 

  • We will facilitate improvements developed in harmony with our unique maritime character and environment that offer residents, businesses, and visitors quality services that promote healthy lifestyles, high community standards, a safe environment, business success, and a welcoming community.

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